Our Camps & Workshops are Now ONLINE! …

and you can get a FREE SAMPLE! 

   Parents, We’re giving you a BREAK!!

Due to the School and Camp Closures,

We’re taking our camps and ONLINE! Register Below!!


We have FOUR DIFFERENT online offerings!

First, our  FREE WOW Workshop will give students THREE AMAZING magic tricks they can learn and perform with items you already have around the house. It will also give them a taste of how much fun learning magic can be through our full courses. Parents, we encourage you to watch along with your student to get a feel for how our full courses will work. This fully INTERACTIVE workshop is totally free and will take place on your computer, phone or tablet using the popular Zoom app. (it’s free!). This is a free workshop, but registration is required and you can register below as dates are announced.

Second, our Full Online Camps will run five consecutive days. This camp includes ALL THE SAME AMAZING MATERIALS that come with our in-person camps! These online courses will be fully INTERACTIVE and will take place on your computer, phone or tablet using the popular Zoom app. They also include all the same amazing materials that come with our in-person camps. We’ll arrange a pick up of materials or deliver them, depending on the location.Register below or read more!

Third, our What Is Magic ONLINE Class where students the secrets to four amazing magic tricks and received digital files via (a parent’s) email and a top secret file folder by mail! Register below or get more details as dates are announced.

Fourth, is our Magic Adventure Camp. This camp is ONLY offered as an virtual or online camp. Click HERE for more info.

I’ll be your child’s instructor for all the live, interactive sessions. To arrange and schedule a magic camp in partnership with your Camp, School or Organization, just reach out via email: tim@UpstateMagicAcademy.com


Register for one of our FREE W.O.W. Workshops!

 Our next workshop will be scheduled soon! (ages 7-13) 

We will schedule more as demand increases!

Each camp session is limited to 20 participants! 

This is a completely free interactive workshop, but registration is required. You can register through the link below. At times there may be different times & dates listed. Simply choose the best option for your family!