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Our Camps are Now ONLINE! … and you can get a FREE SAMPLE! 


We’re going virtual for our Summer Camp with Clemson Center of the Arts and we want to give you a FREE SAMPLE! Just click below to register for one of the free WOW Workshops!

We realize that screen time can be a concern. That’s why each session is structured to give your students a few hours of OFFLINE time for each approximately 60 minute class! Yes, we teach magic tricks, but we also teach oh, so much more. We help your students be socially successful while social distancing. Take a look around our site for more information while you’re here. 

We have THREE DIFFERENT online offerings!

First, our brand new FREE WOW Workshop will give students THREE AMAZING magic tricks they can learn and perform with items you already have around the house. It will also give them a taste of how much fun learning magic can be through our full courses. Parents, we encourage you to watch along with your student to get a feel for how our full courses will work. This fully INTERACTIVE workshop is totally free and will take place on your computer, phone or tablet using the popular Zoom app. (it’s free!). This is a free workshop, but registration is required and you can register below.

Second, our Full Online Courses will be EIGHT FULL CLASSES. Each class will run up to 60 minutes! This course includes ALL THE SAME AMAZING MATERIALS that come with our in-person camps! (Should school start back in the interim, we will make adjustments to the time as necessary so we can still accommodate our students.) These online courses will be fully INTERACTIVE and will take place on your computer, phone or tablet using the popular Zoom app. It’s free. Online camps will include all the great materials that we provide for our on location camps: all the custom tricks, top secret file folders and lifetime access to the video vault! Register or get more info HERE.

Third, our What is Magic ONLINE Class where students learn the secrets to four amazing magic tricks and receive digital files via (a parent’s) email and a top secret file folder by mail! Register or get more info HERE.

I’ll be your child’s instructor for all the live, interactive sessions. We have currently scheduled the first Full Online Course to start the last week of March! You can register below for that as well! 


Register for your FREE W.O.W. Workshops! Scheduled Exclusively for the Arts Center of Clemson

 We have two workshops scheduled for Monday June 22 – 2pm & 6pm (best for ages 7-13) 

This is a completely free interactive workshop, but registration is required. You can register through the link below. At times there may be different times & dates listed. Simply choose the best option for your family!

Orange Wand Course

In Partnership with  The Arts Center of Clemson

Open to the Public! Starts July 13!


 Orange Wand Curriculum (rising 3rd grade – rising 7th grade)

There will be 8 online classes of about an hour each. We will arrange delivery of materials prior to the first class.

Classes will be held at 11am on August 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.

 Each camp session is strictly limited to 20 participants to maximize one-on-one instruction time!

Tuition for each session is just $159 INCLUDING the amazing materials package (Over $89 retail), including LIFETIME access to the Video Vault. Multiple-Session and Sibling Discounts available. Contact us for more info. 

Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic. Learn how to cut a lady in half, give your friends super hero powers and make invisible objects appear in a magic pencil pouch just to name a few.

• Up to 8 hours of Live Instruction

• Original tricks with full color instructions

• Custom cards, coins & props sized to fit kid hands

• A bonus secret file folder for each lesson

• Custom magic wands and graduation certificates

• Integrated life skills in every lesson

• An online video vault where the daily secret word unlocks bonus content

Registration Deadline in order to get materials in time is Saturday, Tuesday June 30!!

Makeups can be scheduled and sibling discounts are available!

Tuition for online class is just $149 INCLUDING the amazing materials package (Over $100 retail), including LIFETIME access to the Video Vault.. Contact us for more info.